Policy of quality

The vision of the Law Firm ”Sajic” is an eloquent and qualified lawyer association that will handle the dynamic changes on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s market in developing and providing services from the different domains of law practice. Improving the quality of the services and introducing the new standards into the law practice we want to be prepared for the entry of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European integrations. However, joining the abovementioned field, the company wants the approach to the new methodologies, standards and scientific accomplishments in the domains of the law practice that has a target in the sense of protection of civil rights, improvement of the quality of life and raising the level of legal security.

The aforementioned vision the company wants to accomplish satisfying the needs and expectations of the personnel, owner, delivery-staff and social community and all to the satisfaction of the users of our services with the quality of our services.

For the attainment of this vision the Law Firm ”Sajić” establishes the following policy of quality:

1. Perpetual satisfaction of our client’s requests, needs and expectations along with obeying the law regulations by improving and developing the managing system according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

2. Satisfaction of our clients with the quality level of our services, competitive prices and delivery term of our services.

3. Openness for cooperation with all parties interested (clients, delivery-staff, personnel, owners, company) in the advancement of the managing system by quality.

4. Advancement of our client’s opinion through honesty, integrity and tendency towards constant improval of quality of our services.

5. Surveillance of the standard quality of services maintained through supervision of the important characteristics of services and processes.

6. Social and work environment protection, civil rights protection, enhancement of the quality of life, and caring about the raise of the legal security level is the responsibility of all employees.


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