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Genetically modified organisms, their regulation and impact on the food sector in BiH

INTRODUCTION The emergence of genetically modified organisms in the food chain, their application in medicine, as well as their broad use in other aspects…

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We encounter various types of hate speech almost every day. However, hate speech which spread is in a very simple way on social networks…

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Law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on the Securities Market

Recently, there is an emphasis on the need to regulate certain activities related to digital assets, along with provision of a preliminary specification of…

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Law Firm SAJIC from Banja Luka was founded on the basis of the legal practice initiated even in 1989 by the lawyer Stojanka Sajic. It is the first law firm in Bosnia and Herzegovina founded in the form of a general partnership in 2003 by Stojanka and Aleksandar Sajic. The firm currently has 17 employees, out of which ten lawyers, four senior associates and trainees and three administrative assistants. The main qualities of the lawyers, as well as other employees, are the client and work commitment and constant tendency to achieve the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence. The firm, lawyers, as well as all employees are covered by professional liability insurance in case of a damage caused to third parties.

Our strategy is focused on continuous improvement and development of our services, cooperation and preservation of good business relationships with our clients, as well as employment of quality junior staff. Excellent business relationships with our clients are primarily based on constant communication, knowledge and long-standing legal practice, and all employees are focused on achieving and maintaining high quality legal services. As a standard of business, as of 2009, the Law Firm SAJIC established the quality and organisation management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards for the provision of legal services.

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